Norbury Manor Primary School


What is Governance?

 School Governors are people who want to make a positive contribution to children's education.

Governors are one the largest volunteer forces in the country and have an important part in raising school standards.  The role of the Governing Board is absolutely key to the effectiveness of a school.  Ofsted has continually notes that the most effective schools demonstrate effective leadership and management, including that of the Governing Board.

What do Governors do?

 School Governors provide strategic leadership and accountability in schools.  The main purpose is to help raise the educational standards and performance of Norbury Manor Primary School by supporting the work of the Headteacher and the school staff.  Governors ensure that the school runs effectively, that quality teaching and learning is happening across the school, that the budget is spent wisely and provides good value for money.

The Headteacher is responsible for the internal organisation, management and control of the school and the implementation of the strategic framework established by the Governing Board.

The Governors make strategic decisions and main responsibilities relate to:

  • Appointing the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher
  • Setting targets and promoting high standards of education.
  • Being part of the school's senior leadership team and to be strategic in their thinking e.g. monitoring the progress of all groups of children, evaluating the impact of the school's curriculum and promoting good teaching and learning.
  • Acting as a 'critical friend'. A 'critical friend' offers support, constructive advice, a sounding board for ideas, a second opinion on proposals and help where needed.  However a 'critical friend' may also challenge, ask questions, seek information, improve proposals and so arrive at the best solution for the pupils, staff and whole school community.
  • Making decisions on the school's budget and staff.
  • Being accountable for the performance of the school to parents and the wider community.
  • Ensuring that the curriculum for the school is balanced and broadly based.
  • Ensuring that Health and Safety and Safeguarding policy and procedures are followed and embedded.
  • Approval of all school policies.
  • Making sure the school provides for all its pupils, including those with special educational needs.

The Governing Body works in close partnership with the Headteacher, staff and the Local Authority.

When do the Governors meet?

 The Governing Body meets 6 times annually, one each half term as a Full Governing Body.

The Governors have different backgrounds which enable them to bring a great variety of skills to the governing body, and this, combined with a shared commitment to the pupils and staff of the school, is one of the reasons why they are so successful.

What are the types of school governors?

The Governing body of a maintained school is typically four types of Governors.


  •  Parent governors are elected to be representative of the parent body. They should keep in touch with those who elected them but make up their own minds on how to vote on any specific issue.
  • Staff governors include the head teaching and support staff.  With the exception of the headteacher, staff governors are elected and should communicate with those who elected them.  All staff governors should make up their own minds on how to vote on any specific issue.
  • Local Authority governors are appointed by the local authority. As with all other governors they should be appointed with a view to their commitment to raising standards.  They should keep in touch with those who appoint them but should vote according to the best interest of the school.
  • Community governors should be living or working in the community served by the school or committed to the good government and success of the school.  They are invited to join the governing body and are entitled to vote when new community governors re being considered.
  • Associate members can be appointed by the governing body to serve on one or more governing body committees, and attend full governing body meetings.  They do not have voting rights.
  • A co-opted governor is a person appointed by the governing body and who, in the opinion of the governing body, has the skills required to contribute to the effective governance and success of the school.

Composition and Register of Interest for the Governing Body


Name Governor Type


declared Y/N

Information of interest Start Date End Date
Sonia Potter Headteacher Y NAHT Member  18/10/2016
Nneoma Onyemachi Vice Chair N NAHT Member 18/01/2018 17/01/2022
Keran Currie




SEN Consultant

KC Education Ltd

NAHT Member

18/01/2018 17/01/2022
Alison Hatt Vice Chair Y

Governor of Orchard Primary School Lambeth

UCU retired member

28/04/2019 27/04/2023
Mohammed Mir Co-Opted Y

Thornton Heath Acton Team

St Georges Hospital Trust

28/04/2019 27/04/2023
Charlie Mercer Chair N Member of the Labour Party 04/04/2019 03/04/2023
Stacey Jayakumar Associate N NEU Member 01/10/2018 30/09/2022
Pandora Valentine Parent N 21/03/2019 20/03/2023
Humera Fatima Parent N 06/04/2019 05/04/2023
Nathan Post Co-Opted Y Member of the Labour Party 09/01/2020 08/01/2024
Freya Liddell Staff N

NEU Member

 Member of Historical Association

26/03/2020 25/03/2024

 Governor Attendance Record


Governor Profiles 


 Charlie Mercer

Chair of Governors











 Having had family members and friends as teachers all my life, I am excited to get more involved in education through joining the Norbury Manor Primary team. In my day job, I work in Financial Services, working on projects that span countries and cultures with a particular focus on technology and innovation. Through my work, I have also worked with charities to provide hands-on ‘business skills’ experience to primary school children. 

Through my work, I will bring business knowledge and know my way around an excel spreadsheet but more importantly I am organized, optimistic and not afraid to get stuck in!

In my spare time I am very active, enjoy going to the gym and playing football. I also love to cook, am active in local politics and enjoy exploring new parts of London.


Nneoma Onyemachi

Vice-Chair of Governors





















I am a Headteacher who has helped construct and promote the visions required to ensure a high quality of education for pupils.  I am an excellent and dynamic practitioner with very high standards and endurance. In addition, I am an extremely dedicated, reliable, resourceful, reflective and enthusiastic teacher who has considerable experience of working with multi-racial inner-city pupils. 

My expertise is within education as a whole.

My key skills are:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Safeguarding
  • Raising Attainment
  • Building effective teams
  • Behaviour Management
  • Special Educational Needs
  • Skills-based Curriculum Development

 Personal  skills are:

  • Integrity
  • Flexibility & Adaptability 
  • Time Management
  • Organisational Skills
  • Self- Motivation
  • Teamwork
  • High Energy Level
  • Able to work under pressure

 I believe I the benefits of teaching quality music sessions.  I am a choir conductor, vocal coach and I teach a Steel Pans.



Alison Hatt

Vice Chair of Governors



























My working life has been spent in Education-I started teaching in 1969!
I worked for ILEA (Inner London Education Authority) as an Infants and Primary teacher for 14 years in South London schools, then was an advisory teacher working with Primary class teachers across London.

Following this, I worked for 3 years in Higher Education in Bristol as a Senior Lecturer in Education, training student teachers. I then worked in Merton as a support teacher for bilingual learners before returning to HE. I spent the last 14 years of my working life at what is now London Metropolitan University. This involved running PGCE courses as well as working on other academic courses. 

I joined the Governors at NMP in Autumn 2014. I am also a governor at a Primary school in Lambeth and had many year’s experiences as a governor in a Primary School in Wandsworth.

My key skills:

  • Strong academic qualifications
  • Knowledge of education, its history and development
  • Children's learning and knowledge  of the curriculum
  • Knowledge of classroom practice
  • Commitment to all aspects of equality
  • Concern for children's and adult's wellbeing

 Enjoying retirement! Meeting friends, going to museums and art galleries, reading (including membership of a Book Group), walking, working on our garden and allotment.



Keran Currie

Co-Opted Governor





I have held teaching and school leadership positions for the last 22 years. I am an experienced Headteacher and I currently hold a seconded position within the Local Authority as an Area SEND Lead.

I am a strategic leader, confident and effective with financial and personal management.  I am fully aware of the national curriculum requirements and I have a broad experience of Ofsted training.

I am particularly skilled in all areas of safeguarding having previously served on a local Children's Safeguarding Board and as Designated Safeguarding Lead. I have recently been elected as an Alternate Member of the Croydon Schools’ Forum. 

I enjoy travelling and learning new languages.  I am a fluent French speaker. 

Stacey Jayakumar

Associate  Governor



































I am Maths Lead and a class teacher at Norbury Manor Primary School. I have experience and wide subject knowledge in KS2 having worked in year 5 and 6 as PPA cover in a school in East London followed by three academic years in year 4. At Norbury Manor, I have worked in both year 3 and 5. Furthermore, I have experience in leading years 3, 4 and 5.  

I have been a Maths leader for one year and have implemented numerous changes which have impacted the children and staff positively. In my previous school, I was part of leading Creative Arts.

Due to working in two completely different boroughs (East London and Croydon) whereby the children are from a range of ethnic backgrounds, I feel I have sound knowledge in managing how to tackle barriers to learning for EAL children.

I have experience in running clubs after school such as chess (at Norbury and at my previous school) and writing club, both of which were in the interest of providing extra opportunities for our children.

As I am a class teacher at Norbury, I feel that I am able to share my knowledge of children and education and suggest ideas on how we can move forward as a school.

I enjoy socialising and meeting new people whilst building strong relationships. Most importantly, I love travelling and exploring other countries around the world.

My love for Maths has encouraged me to become a Maths lead. Having studied music at A level and after learning to play the piano from the ages of 5-18, I have a passion for music. I enjoy singing and have had experience in recording my own songs at a studio. My musical talents have also been recognized in the newspapers at a young age.

Furthermore, I enjoy dancing and really encourage children to be just as involved in the school. I often attend dance classes to improve my dance skills

Moreover, I enjoy taking part in a range of sports. This includes activities such as kickboxing, swimming, badminton and attending gym classes.

Outside of school, I enjoy playing various different board games, particularly chess



Pandora Valentine

Parent Governor








I do not have any previous experience as a governor but I am enjoying the challenge and learning from the training courses given by the school and council.

 The knowledge I have is being a parent and raising four children.  I am a team player and can work well by myself too.

I bring youth, passion, drive, positive energy and can work well under pressure.  I don't give up and like challenges. I am not afraid to speak up or what's most important and right.  I can and will bring a parents perspective.

I love to help people.  I am caring and supportive.  I am very hard working and punctual.

My children, my partner and family will always come first.  They are my passion, my happy place, my energy, my support system and my everything.

I love taking my eldest son Alijah to his football training and watching him play matches, supporting and encouraging him. He participates in football activities 3/4 days a week.


Mohammed Mir

Co-Opted Governor









 I have been an L.A governor and know I am a Co-Opted Governor at Norbury Manor Primary School for several years.

I have broad experience of Ofsted. I have seen many changes in education and have enjoyed being committed to our current situation.

As a Vice-Chair of Thornton heath Action Team and member of St Georges Hospital Trust, I believe good communication and creative skills and ability to listen are the key things.

I have a young family and enjoy spending time with them.  Through my Thornton Heath Action Team, I have worked with the local establishment to improve the local area. 


Humera  Fatima

Parent Governor




















 Accounting is incredibly useful on a governing body and I believe I can offer my experience to the school as well as the governors at Norbury Manor Primary School.  I have two young children of my own who are currently studying in Norbury Manor.  Therefore, I can easily relate to the issues some parents may be facing and can try my utmost to build a bridge between parents and school staff.  I am open to challenges and utilise my multi-linguistic skills to offer help where it's needed.  

I'm highly ambitious and motivated towards success in every aspect of my life.  I believe that I can bring positive changes in all financial-related aspects of NMPS, can and will create events which will help raise funds for the school as well as focus on the wellbeing of children of all ages.

 My key skills:

  • Public Relations
  • Team Player
  • Good achiever
  • Microsoft

My family is the most important thing in my life therefore I tend to spend most of my time with my children and my husband.  I enjoy sports, cooking, music and short vacations with my family.


Nathan Post

Co-Opted Governor












 I have had an interest in education for a number of years and I am excited to have the opportunity to be a part of the team at Norbury Manor Primary School. Since qualifying as a doctor, I have worked in hospitals around London and recently started specialist training in Public Health.

My day job now involves trying to find ways to promote good health, understanding inequality and commissioning and monitoring services. I am interested in early years and child development and the role schools have in giving children the best possible start in life.

Hopefully, as a co-opted Governor at NMPS, I bring skills in communication, policy development, performance monitoring, as well as commitment and enthusiasm (and a bit of flexibility for whatever the role might need!)


Freya Liddell

Staff Governor










 I first joined Norbury Manor Primary School in November 2016 as a teaching trainee, and in the intervening years has subsequently gained my P.G.C.E. and QTS status. I am currently a Year 3 teacher and Topic Ambassador. 

 In addition to my enthusiasm and dedication for the pupils and staff at Norbury Manor, I also benefit from first hand experience of how the school functions. 

I enjoy an active lifestyle including running, yoga and cycling. Recently, my passion for baking and cooking has developed, and I have been attempting to master baking bread. When not cooking or stomping over the Downs, I am curled up with a book and cup of tea. â€‹